Current Faculty

Phil and Edna Guikema

Phil (Edna) Guikema is credited with convincing the Board of Directors of the need for a local Bible school. Phil is a graduate of Emmaus Bible School and holds a Masters degree. Phil is in leadership at Bear Lake Bible Chapel and  is active in preaching and teaching ministry.


David Wainwright

David (Vita) Wainwright brings experience from the mission field and publishing of Christian Educational materials to the committee.  David is in leadership at Brooksville Bible Chapel.



Darryl Jachens recently retired as Professor of Music at Southern Wesleyan University to join the CHBI staff.  He is a graduate of Northwestern University and holds a Ph.D.  He is commended by the Piedmont Christian Fellowship in Pendleton, South Carolina where he served as an elder and participated in song leading and teaching. He is now in fellowship at Bear Lake Bible Chapel in Apopka, Florida.



Rikki Tienzo

Rikki is an elder at Bear Lake Bible Chapel in Apopka, Florida.  He was educated as an architect in the Philippines and taught for nine years in a technical school.  He is an able teacher of the Word of God.


Steve Slusser

Steve Slusser (Kitty)  holds a MA(BS) from Dallas Theolgical seminary.  He  is commended to the Lord’s work from North 56th Street Gospel Chapel and serves as the director of Camp Horizon.  Steve is active in teaching ministry including grading/reading for graduate students.

Past Faculty – Curriculum Advisor


Mr. Frank Brzezinski has been married to his wife Jena for 47 years and currently resides in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He and his wife both came to know the Lord after college in 1973. He is one of the founding elders of Cornerstone Bible Chapel in Dunedin Florida. He has graduate degrees from the University of Florida, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Florida Institute of Technology. He spent a 31 year career in the defense industry from which he retired in 2011. Frank is an avid Bible student and teacher and since his retirement has been an adjunct faculty member at Trinity College of Florida in New Port Richey, Florida.