CURRICULUM – Course Descriptions

There were two classes of graduates from this school.  

Recent interest in the curriculum that was used prompted us to provide that information here.

OLD TESTAMENT ONE – The History of Israel: Genesis to Ruth

This course covers the time period from The Creation to King David.  The student will read Genesis through 1 Samuel and Ruth. Historically, the class will trace God’s relationship with men from Adam to Jacob (and his sons) in Genesis, the birth of the nation of Israel through their first king.  Theologically, the student will trace the covenant relationships that God established with mankind, with a man, and with a Nation.

Materials: Bible, notes, and online videos. (No Textbook)


Bible Study Methods, otherwise known as Biblical Hermeneutics, is the science and art of interpreting biblical literature, and is the foundation of effective Christian ministry, as well as personal Bible study. This course will ground the student in a study of basic principles and practices entailed in hermeneutics, including the basic steps of Bible study, grammatical-contextual protestant interpretation, and analysis of the meaning and application of biblical texts.

Text & Materials:

Hendricks, Howard G., Living by the Book, 1991 edition or newer. Available on Amazon and Ebay and other book sellers.

Hendricks, Howard G., Living by the Book Workbook, Also available on Amazon and Ebay and other book sellers.

OPTIONAL: McQuilkin, Robertson. Understanding and Applying the Bible, Revised and Expanded Edition, Chicago: Moody Press, 2009; ISBN: 0-8024-9092-1, ISBN-13:987-0-8024-9092-6 (paperback).

OPTIONAL: Fee, Gordon D.; Stuart, Douglas. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Zondervan: Grand Rapids, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-3102-4604-6



An overview of the New Testament Gospels and the life of Christ emphasizing the distinct purpose/message of each book. The course will also give attention to geographical, chronological, and historical elements that help shed light on the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Course Textbooks

Scroggie, W. Graham. Guide to the Gospels. Kregel Publications, 1995.

The New Testament in a translation of your choice. Be sure to bring your Bible to class (hard copy, please).

Suggested: MacDonald, William. Believer’s Bible Commentary. Thomas Nelson, 1995.


Old Testament Wisdom Literature

Text & Materials:   

New King James Bible (Suggested but not required)

Eerdmans’ Handbook of the Bible, Edited by David Alexander, Pat Alexander; William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Power Bible Software (To  be provided at the second class)

Course Description:

Old Testament Wisdom Literature is a course designed to introduce the student to the Poetical books of the Old Testament: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.  This course shall familiarize the student with the unique style, content, and place of these five books as part of the genre of Old Testament Scripture. Even though this course uses a survey approach to OT Wisdom Literature, it is expected that the student will gain sufficient comprehension of the biblical text that applications to life will be readily understood and made.

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(HRS) Course Description
(2) New Testament Gospels
Books: Mathew – > John
(2) Old Testament
Survey 1
Creation through Judges
Books: Genesis -> Ruth
(2) Bible Study Methods Tools for study of God’s Word
(2) Bible Doctrines – 1 Major Doctrines in Scripture – 1
(2) New Testament
Survey – 2
Books: Romans – 3rd John


(HRS) Course Description
(2) NT Principles of Gathering The Biblical basis for the brethren movement
(2) Old Testament
Survey – 2
History of Israel
Adam through return to Jerusalem.
Samuel -> Esther
(2) Church History Acts – The Historical Church
(2) Personal Evangelism Presenting a clear gospel of Christ
(2) Old Testament
Survey – 3
Wisdom and Poetry
Job, Psalms,
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes


Ministry Practicum450 Hours = Four residential weeks. Internship in Camp, VBS, or an approved Evangelical Ministry

(HRS) Course Description
(2) Christian Life Music and Worship
Worship Music, Worship, & Christian Life
(2) Bible Doctrines – 2 Major Doctrines in Scripture – 2.
(2) Prophecy Daniel-Revelation
(2) World Views / Apologetics The Christian world view in light of the many opposing views
(2) Old Testament
Survey- 4
Books: Major and Minor Prophets