FULL TIME STUDENT: The total cost for a full-time student is $1,500 per trimester. This covers tuition, books, fees, meals, and lodging for the days that you have classes (Monday-Tuesday).  Students have the option to arrive Sunday evening to be on-site for Monday classes.


PART-TIME STUDENT: All classes are 2 semester hours.  The cost is $300 per class.  As above, this includes meals and lodging for Sunday-Tuesday as required by your schedule.  The tuition and fees are combined.


REGISTRATION: Registration is done online using the Camp Horizon “Camper Registration and Payment” link.


Choose the CHBI option and complete the online forms.  To choose classes click on “PAID ACTIVITIES”.  You will see all five classes listed.  After you choose one or more classes and complete all the online forms – you will find that you are “ENROLLED”.  At this point you are not fully registered.  To update your status to “REGISTERED” you must make a deposit.  A $100 deposit is required (not per class – just $100) to be fully registered.

The board will meet on July 10, 2018.  Any classes with fewer than four students may possibly be dropped.  It is important that you register by that date so that we can confirm our fall schedule.  The deposit will only be refunded  if we drop the class(es). Otherwise the $100 deposit is non-refundable (a promise by you that you will attend classes).


Tuition Assistance / Camp Internships

There were funds for the initial year to provide full-time students with tuition assistance.  Those funds have been exhausted.

Camp Horizon Internships are available for each 10-week semester.  The student is responsible for $225 per class.  The remainder of the fees are waived. The intern will serve with the Camp Horizon staff including weekend events.  Meals and lodging are provided.  Productive work hours will be paid at a fair rate that should more than cover the cost of tuition.