Fall 2020 Enrollment is Open

After a year off for lack of students, it is hoped that we will open classes again in the fall of 2020. If you are interested in attending, please take a moment to complete the online enrollment. There is no cost to enroll.

Fall 2019 classes suspended

CHBI has now graduated two classes of two.  As of early August there were three prospective students. However, in the end only one was prepared to attend full time this year.  Classes will resume when we have applicants. Online registration remains open.

How will you fill the gap?

Are you out of high school and not beginning college this semester? Are you undecided about your life path? You are in the gap! CHBI was originally modeled as a “GAP PROGRAM” to provide help with the transition from high school to college or adult life. There is still time to join the fall 2018 class!

Our first graduates were both educated at home. This style of education allows for flexibility and all the time needed to progress. College and adult life are less forgiving. There are time constraints and absolute deadlines. CHBI classes are on a college freshman level. The semesters are ten weeks, so it is much like a college summer term. After the successful completion of this program a student could enroll in any college and expect to keep up.

The first semester is very intense. The student will complete most of the New Testament and the historical narratives of the Old Testament. There is a foundational class in Bible Study Methods that will help the student in all other classes and for the rest of their life as they read and study the Bible.

If you could only come for one full semester – the fall would be the one you should not miss. Classes begin Monday 9/10/18.

There is still a Camp Horizon intern position (work-study) open.


The first class of the Camp Horizon Bible Institute are approaching the end of their third academic period.  All that remains is a summer practicum and they will be our first graduates.

The original idea of using quarter hours was revisited.  The decision was made to change to semester hours. This will make our classes more comparable to other Bible Schools.

Welcome New Students

The second quarter of the inaugural year of CHBI begins today!  Our school grows by three students today (1 full- time and two part-time). There are now seven students (3 full-time) in the program.

It is possible to start in any quarter and complete the program. The next quarter begins in March!

Fall 2017 – Spring 1, 2018


The CHBI inaugural class began with three students for four of the classes offered the first quarter.


The curriculum is designed such that a student can begin at any point and complete the program in one year  The next quarter begins in January 2018.


There are funds for students that require and request them.  You must begin the online application before that form appears on the STAFF – CHBI dashboard.


Part-Time (as little as a single class) and Dual-Enrollment students are now welcome to apply.